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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1787/11/29





1787 Nov. 29

Quinones, Estevan de, notary public
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

He certifies that this copy of the following depositions conforms to the original.

No Date

Antonio of Madrid, Father
New Orleans

to Father Antonio de Sedella, vicar and ecclesiastical judge of Louisiana
New Orleans

He asks to be allowed to go to Havana, (Cuba) in order to regain his health.

1787 Nov. 28

Sedella, Father Antonio de,
New Orleans

He grants Father Antonio of Madrid permission to go to Havana. The Governor and the Intendant general are to be informed so that they may grant Father Antonio of Madrid his passport.

1787 Nov. 28

Quinones, Estevan de, Notary public
New Orleans

He has informed Estevan Miro, the governor, and Martin Navarro, the intendant general, of the decision of Father Sedella.

1787 Nov. 20

Montegut, Josep(h) surgeon head at the hospital
Cuturien, Pedro, surgeon of the city (New Orleans)

Father Antonio of Madrid is suffering from a tumor, it would be better for him to go to a more mild climate than that of New Orleans.

IV-4-c A.D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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