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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1792/05/02




1792 May. 2

Carondelet, (Francis Luis Hector) Baron de
New Orleans (Louisiana)

to Father Theodoro Thirso Henriquez
(New Orleans) (Louisiana)

The convicts Jose Antonio Beltran and Fernando de la Trinidad Povedo, having killed an Indian in the settlement of Moculasa, of the Creek Nation called Enite, 30 miles from Pensacola, sought refuge in the church in that district from which they were taken on parole. After the trial it is apparent that the homicide was voluntary, premeditated and treacherous, as will be seen from the documents enclosed. Therefore they should not enjoy the privilege of immunity in accordance with the pontifical bulls mentioned in the enclosed documents. Carondelet thus asks the Vicar General to so declare and make the formal transfer of the prisoners to the military by the proper communication to the Pastor of Pensacola. The parole will then be cancelled and the judge will be free to pass sentence on the criminals and the criminals will receive their proper due according to the Royal Order of May 15, 1779.

IV-4-i D.S. 3pp. 8vo. (Spanish)

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