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1795 Jan. 14 (?)
1795 Jan. 4 (?)

Farjon, Theresa de S. Xavier
Superior of the Ursuline Convent

to Father Patrick Walsh
Vicar Judge of New Orleans

In reply to Father Walsh's inquiry of January 3, 1795 concerning the order of the previous Vicar about Don Andres Almonaster, the Superior encloses copies of the order found in her archives. Estevan de Quinones, signs the document as Notary Public. The enclosures are:

1792 Aug. 18

Henriquez, Doctor Theodoro
Auc(?)illiary Vicar

to Sister Margarita de St. Ignatio Duliepre
Superior of the Ursuline Nuns

Henriquez asks for the reasons for granting the right of patronage to Don Andres Almonaster and about the honors given him.

1792 Aug. 18

Duliepore, Sister Margarita de St. Ignacio and
Sister Teresa de San Xavier Farjon
Superiors of the Ursulines of New Orleans
Sister Antonio de St. Monica Ramos, Sec.

to Father Theodoro Henriquez
(New Orleans)

The Sisters granted the right of Patronage to Don Andres: (a) Because Don Andres Almonaster manifested such desire to them; (b) because since in their church there was no chapter, they did not find it inconvenient to satisfy him, especially as he had been their generous benefactor. The copy is signed by Estevan de Quinones, Notary Public, Jan. 14, 1795.

1794 Aug. 14

The King of Spain, Charles IV, through Taranco, Antonio Ventura de, Secretary of the C. of Indies

to the Vicar Forane and ecclesiastical (Judge Patrick Walsh) of the Province of Louisiana

Don Andres Almonaster Roxas, Colonel of militia, Royal governor Ensign of N. Orleans, alleges before the king of Spain that he has the right to occupy a seat of honour in the church of the Ursuline convent, the buildings of which he had caused to be rebuilt at his own expense. D. Theodoro Henrig(?)uez, auxiliary Vicar deprived him of his right causing public scandal. The King addressing the Council of Indies, ordained that Don Andres continue meanwhile, enjoying the use of his right and asked for further information from the Vicar Judge of N. Orleans. -- (There are two copies of the same document).

1794 Aug. 18

Taranco, Don Antonio Venturo de of the Council of the Indies

to (Father Patrick Walsh Vicar of New Orleans)

Don Antonio notifies Walsh of the decision of the Council of Indies in the case of Don Andres Almonaster. Two things are ordained;
a) Don Andres can continue until a decision is given to
occupy his seat in the Ursuline Church;
b) The King asks for information with proof of his right to
the seat of honor.
(Also in duplicate).

1795 Jan. 14

Walsh, Father Patrick Vicar Judge of New Orleans

to Don Antioni(?) Venturo de Taranco Secretary of the Council of Indies

In accordance with the Royal decree of August 14, 1794: (1) Walsh restored to Don Andres Almonaster the use of his seat of honour in the Ursuline Convent. (2) As to the request for further information, he also encloses copies of two papers from the archives of the same convent. (3) It appears that D. Theodoro Henriquez was right in telling Don Andres that he should ask the King the right of patronage; (4) Don Andres could not claim the right of patronage because he did not have such a grant from the King and because this right is not a question merely of good faith; (5) Don Andres deserves that the King grant him the right of patronage since he built the church at his own expense. The letter is witnessed by Estevan de Quinones, Notary Public.

1794 Dec. 19

Walsh, Father Patrick
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Walsh received a royal order given in St. Ildefonsoon August 14, 1794 that Almonester is to take possession of the seat of honor which he had in the Ursuline Convent on December 21 in the presence of Carondelet. Almonester and the Mother Superior are to be notified; a copy of this decree is to be put into the archives of the convent. Quinones signs as notary.

IV-5-b L. and D.S. and copies 18pp. 4to. (Spanish)

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