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"(1857: Notre Dame du Lac) Vicar: Father Sorin; Assistant: Father Granger, Master of Novices for Salvatorists. Secretary: Father Gillespie. Prefect of Discipline and Master of Novices for Josephites: Father Letoureau. Steward and Treasurer: Brother Amadeus; Commissioner, Brother Lawrence; Director and Superintendent of Workshops, Brother Antonius." Circular Letters, Moreau, 2:16

(Sorin to Bishop Purcell; April 19, 1859) He suggests to Bishop that wherever a certain number of Brothers are employed, as in Cincinnati, one priest could be put there to guide them, direct schools, etc. Says he awaits Bishop's reply. Provincial Archives

(Ohio and New Jersey, 1883) " . . . the General Council deemed it expedient, and almost necessary to divide the administration labors of our vast field -- now so difficult to visit yearly -- into four geographical sections: of Indiana, of the East, South and West, and to assign to the best and most able Religious we have in each of the aforesaid sections the immediate responsibility of the Establishments of the Congregation in the states intrusted to their care and solicitude . . . The new officers should visit, if possible, in the course of October, and again in May, every house under their care and report quarterly, if not oftener, to the General Council. Let them clearly understand, that they shall be, first of all, credited with the advance and progress, the satisfaction and edification which will attend their administration . . . 1) Reverend L. L'Etourneau, Assistant Provincial for Indiana. 2) Rev. W. Corby, Assistant Provincial for Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Dakota. 3) Rev. P. Hurth, Assistant Provincial for Ohio and New Jersey. 4) Rev. P. Franciscus, Assistant Provincial for Louisiana and Texas." Circular Letters of Sorin, pp. 183-4

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