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Brother Aidan's Extracts


" . . . died at Holy Cross, Iowa, July 25, 1869. He was a novice. Died of consumption, after a long illness accompanied with much suffering." (1869)

"He came to Notre Dame from Toledo, Ohio as a student and remained thereat some time. He afterwards joined the community, and was a teacher Brother for several years. But disabled by consumption, he was sent to Holy Cross, Iowa, for the recruiting of his health, and died there almost suddenly, aged 25 or about." Rev. A. Granger, C.S.C., 1869

"Brother Aloysius who died on the twenty fifth of July at Holy Cross, Iowa, fortified by the Sacraments and perfectly resigned to the will of Heaven . . . "

"(He) died of consumption after a long illness accompanied by much suffering, from which he happily derived great profit for himself, leaving at the same time most valuable lessons to his surviving Brothers" CIRCULAR LETTERS, Further Reference: ASSOCIATE, October, 1936

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