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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"This good Brother was a widower, the father of Brother Paulinus. Already old when he entered the community, he lived long enough however to edify it by his spirit of faith and simplicity. He had charge of the college stable and faithfully indeed did he discharge his duty. For some months he lingered in the Infirmary and had barely time to receive the last Sacraments, so sudden was the change. He was 65 years old." Father Granger, C.S.C., Died April 1, 1875

"This morning at 9:00, our excellent Brother Alpheus (Patrick Owens) died in the infirmary here, fortified by the Sacraments and Indulgences of the church. For a few days he had been ailing, without inspiring any apprehension for his life, until scarcely two hours before he rendered his pure soul to God. I will remember the day when, shortly after burying his pious wife, he presented himself to be received with his two interesting children. This was in 1855. Since then, both of them, docile to the council for their good father, have become members of our religious community, and for many years have been among the worthiest." 1875

"Brother Alpheus knows how to keep horses. There are many persons who may understand languages, etc. but do not know how to treat a horse. It is not necessary to run a horse to death, for you should remember that a horse deserves almsot as good a treatment as a man. Brother Alpheus knows that horses should be treated well, and he insists, and he does right in insisting on it, that all who use his horses drive them properly. He has four horses in his stables: Charley, Coley, Beauty, and Little Fiddler." SCHOLASTIC, December 19, 1874

"Brother Alpheus (Patrick Owens) died at Notre Dame on Thursday, April 1. Brother Alpheus was 65 years old and had resided at Notre Dame some twenty-five years. He was respected by all who knew him and his loss will be felt by his companions here. May his soul rest in peace." SCHOLASTIC, April 3, 1875

"Brother Alpheus was in the 65th year of his age, and the 12th of his profession. Let us all pray for this dear, aged and faithful religious, whose loss will long be felt here where everybody loved him." Fr. Sorin's Letter, No. 49, 1875

"Brother Alpheus has in charge six carriages and buggies, beside two sleighs. He keeps them in good order too." SCHOLASTIC, December 26, 1874

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