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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Angelus appointed to teach in St. Patrick's, South Bend." Dolan ?, LOCAL COUNCIL, January 9, 1880

"A Half Century of Service" see the ASSOCIATE, April, 1940

"Fifty-two years a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross, was the reason for the celebration this week by Brother Angelus, guest master of the Main Building, and oldest active Brother in the order today. The cheerful Brother, who made his profession March 19, 1888 is one of the few living men who knew Fr. Sorin."

"He came to Notre Dame in 1882, the same year in which the golden dome was erected atop the Administration Building. His first assignment after the taking of vows was teaching the minims in Notre Dame's old grade school which was located in what is now St. Edward's Hall. It was discontinued in 1920 when the Commerce School was set up."

"Brother Angelus has travelled extensively in the interest of the AVE MARIA. In 1920 he went to Australia. He was born in Ireland and came to New Hampshire when only four years old; but he refuses to tell his actual age."

"This unique record of fifty-two years' service maintained by Brother Angelus is indeed commendable; and the SCHOLASTIC extends heartfelt congratulations to him, with sincerest best wishes that his record may continue to grow for many years to come." SCHOLASTIC, March 3, 1941

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