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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Died January 10, 1847

"This good Brother was a widower when he entered into the Community. He was received with his two sons, the youngest of whom died an apprentice at Notre Dame a few years afterwards. Brother Anthony was a type of simplicity and true faith. He worked faithfully for the few years he lived in the Community. He died aged 63." Father Granger, C.S.C., 1847

Born in Ireland, 1784; a widower with two sons; Entered at Notre Dame 1844; habit, July 22, 1844; professed August 30, 1844; employed as butcher; a simple, frank and good man; patient and regular despite his infirmities; died January 10, 1847. Two sons taken at Notre Dame also, younger died a few years later.

"Brother Anthony, 64, wood-cutter, simple, candid, and good." Sorin Memo, 1846

"He was an Irishman and nearly 56 years old when admitted to the Congregation of Holy Cross. He was especially charged to attend the Sisters' house at Bertrand. He died of dropsy January 10, 1847. He was professed on his death bed, and had well deserved such a reward by his constant application to virtue and his great spirit of obedience. A more candid and sincerely pious man was not to be found in the Community. He left two sons in the Congregation whom he recommended to the Superior and all the Brothers." Sorin Memo, 1847

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