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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"We are pained to announce the death of Brother Anthony, which took place last Sunday morning at 7:30 o'clock. Brother Anthony worked faithfully at his trade in the black-smith shop for many years. He was also employed for a number of years in the Novitiate, but he was generally known to the students as Prefect in the Music Hall. Having lived a good life, he died a happy death, lamented by all with whom he came in contact. His name in the world was Henry Reissacher. His age was 52 years, most of which he spent in religion. May he rest in peace." SCHOLASTIC, Dec. 19, 1874

"This morning at 9:00 our dear Brother Anthony (in the world Henry Reissacher) gave up, here, his pure soul to God, after along and painful illness, strengthened and consoled by the precious helps of the Church. He was in the 52d year of his age, and the 22d of his profession."

"This excellent religious leaves behind him an enviable record -- one not alone unsullied, but edifying to all. Ever since he joined the Order he stood among the most regular, the most devoted, and the most faithful members of the Community. His memory will live long among thsoe who knew him best. By his unceasing efforts and zeal for the institutions of the Congregation he well earned the pious suffrages marked out in our Rules." Fr. Sorin, 1874

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