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Brother Aidan's Extracts

BARTER, etc.

(See "Iowa property: Blairstown")

" . . . As Mr. Keegan (Bertrand) offers to furnish us with cloth at the price it cost him, to the value of $100, which will be paid in advance for the schooling of Mr. Kilroy; cloth to that amount will be bought at Mr. Keegan's" Local Council, Oct. 11, 1847

"Brother Lawrence will buy for $70 Mr. Good's horse, to be paid in schooling" Local Council, 1847, see EARLY NOTRE DAME, BARTER, 1846

" . . . from Mr. Rumley to be paid for in schooling." Local Council, May 23, 1844

"To take two sets of harness from Mr. Healy of Elgin on his account." Local Council, April 12, 1878

1852 -- Lawrence, Bro.

1844 -- The council allowed to engage a man to make fences if he received in payment brick or lime.

May 6 -- Cash on hand: $554.75

November 17 - That the members of the various councils keep each a memorandum book to note their remarks in reference to the meetings of the Councils. 1844

"A steeple for our Church shall be made by Mr. Doyle in payment for his son's boarding." Local Council, March 11

"Our 200 acres in Bertrand may be sold for 250,000 bricks at $4 taken up here." Local Council, February 12, 1850

1845 -- See "Printing Press, 1845"

1846 -- See "Early Notre Dame. Barter, 1846"

1867 -- See "Iowa Property: Keystone" (1), "Iowa Property: 1863"

"In the autumn of '46 father made a dickor with Father Sorin, president of Notre Dame college (then just beginning) to give me half a year at the college and take a black mare, his only horse, as a $60.00 payment. A copy of my bill for that five months is among my relics. I had no overcoat, never had worn one, and I think but one coat of any kind and I have a recollection that was the coldest winter I ever experienced. A number of boys had their feet and fingers frozen sitting in the study room. My feet were so swollen I could not get my boots on for some months.

"But my recollections of the place are on the whole agreeable . . . More French than English was spoken, even on the playground." Extract from diary of Thos. G. Wallin, ALUMNUS - 4:101, 1846

"Eighty acres of the land, given by Right Reverend Bishop de la Hailandiere, will be traded for goods at the store of Mr. Keegan, if these articles are found to good quality and reasonable price." Local Council, Oct. 16, 1847

"Two hundred dollars in cash shall be given Mr. St. Carme, if possibly found, for his land in Plymouth; the rest being paid in school." Local Council, December 20, 1848

"Cattle will be taken from Mr. Woodworth in payment for his son's schooling." Local Council, 1848


"Next March Brother Dominic and Mr. Fennessey, and even Brother John, if possible, will go to our new land of Plymouth to make sugar." Jan. 2, 1849

"Brother Lawrence will go tomorrow to Goshen and endeavor to sell 300 bushels of lime to the man who offered to buy for trade." Local Council, October 15, 1849

"Twenty-five dollars may be offered to Mr. St. Carme for his journey to California, his horse given us, and a mortgage placed on his house for the securing his sisters one year of school in Bertrand." Local Council, February 12, 1850

(1841: See "St. Peter's" (4) Chartier -- Sorin)

"Mr. Bath's proposal of 6000' of lumber in trade shall be accepted." Local Council, October 21, 1861

"One our lots in South Bend shall be sold for lumber if possible." Local Council, January 20, 1862

"The house at Mishawaka shall be exchanged for furniture to the amount of $500." Local Council, February 24, 1862

"The offer of five lots near Chicago Junction for two years schooling of a boy is accepted." Local Council, December 1868


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