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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"It was named for Joseph Bertrand, a French trapper who had inherited the extensive tract of forest from his Indian father-in-law." FLAME IN THE WILDERNESS, p. 82, McAllister

"He (Sorin) came to Bertrand every Wednesday, heard the Sisters' confessions in the Church, remained overnight at Mr. Bertrand's home . . . " THE KING'S HIGHWAY, p. 145, 1845

"Father Superior asked whether old Mr. Bertrand might have a room in that house (the one built for the priest in Bertrand) and he entertained from the Sisters' house. The reasons for his reception were: motives of charity for a man who had deserved well of religion and shown himself generous, and the probability that his revenues might exceed he would make (sic!)

"The reasons against it were: the fear of receiving a man who might fall into a long sickness, and so be a burden on the Sisters. It was decided that he would be received on the condition that he would at least leave his certain revenues to the Association (of Holy Cross)" Local Council, Oct. 16, 1848

"Sister Angela proposed to make the academy a three story building with a garret over all. The expense, she explained to Father Sorin, would be negligible: the surrounding woods supplied an abundance of limber, and Holy Cross Brothers had obligingly volunteered for the construction." FLAMES IN THE WILDERNESS, p. 112, Anna S. McAllister, 1944; 1854

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