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"The Minums are to be congratulated on their acquisition of Brother Cajetan as first Prefect. It is no exaggeration to say a more prudent, genial, and kindhearted Prefect could not be chosen." SCHOLASTIC, August 1885

"Forty-four years in the Minims! That's enough to get anyone a crown of glory. Brother Cajetan, who died Wednesday evening at the Community House retired only a couple of months ago from that period of service in St. Ed's Hall. He not only had charge of the Minims; he WAS a minum all those years. He lived with them, slept with them; he let every thought of his own comfort and convenience go in absolute slavery to their interests.

"Brother Cajetan made himself a solitude in the midst of a distracting life. He had permission from his superiors to rise at four in the winter and at three-thirty in the summer, to get in an extra hour of prayer before the myriad duties of the day broke in upon him. And before the days of modern conveniences he used to break the ice in the tub to mortify himself with a cold bath in a cold room. In the hours when the boys were at class he busied himself repairing bicycles, fixing locks and lockers, and so forth; any time he could find free beyond that he spent in spiritual reading -- learning the science of the saints.

"From 1884 till 1928 every Minim passed under his care. His old boys have scattered to the four corners of the earth. Many a story they tell of the tricks they played on him -- and most of them came to know that the only trick they got away with were the ones he winked at. He turned many a lad in the right direction; many and many a prayer should they say for the repose of his soul." RELIGIOUS BULLETIN, Jan. 27, 1928

"Brother Cajetan, for forty-six years prefect of the minims department at the University of Notre Dame, died at 6:30 Wednesday evening at the Community House at Notre Dame, following a two year's illness.

"In October, 1927, he was forced through ill health to resign his post at St. Ed's. Preparatory School at Notre Dame. He is widely known among the alumni because of his long connection with this branch of the University, many of the alumni having attended the Notre Dame "minim" department.

"Brother Cajetan was born in Avon, New York, June 15, 1855. He entered the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1882. From the time he left the novitiate the year following, he was closely connected with the juvenile preparatory school." SOUTH BEND NEWS-TIME, Jan. 27, 1928

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