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The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


"I have proposed to the archbishop the building of a college for boys near Rio Vista, and have his approval. Now I make this proposition to you, in which my wife joins, to donate for such purpose 400 a., or in other words, to make you a deed for the said amount. 1 1/2 miles from Rio Vista on the county road. The land is valued at $50.00 an acre and is adapted to the raising of all kinds of produce and orchards and vineyards. I could give you possession of 50 acres forthwith and 150 acres two years from September 1st.

"We also purpose to donate $2000 toward building a college. I keep a lumber and building material business and shall assist in procurring these articles. Rio Vista is located on the Sacramento River, and is the center of all principal cities within five or six hours travel. Our climate is unsurpassable." Joseph and Gertrude Bruning, 1886 Reply: "I have answered this letter in you (Sorin) name, stating that you regretted very much that you had not subjects available, but I gave them hopes."

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