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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The Council of Administration which are to replace the Minor Chapter. Where there is not novitiate or postulate are, according to Constitution VI composed of the Director, the Assistant, and the Steward." Fr. Moreau, Feb. 3, 1855

"Meetings up to August 17, 1857 are called those of Minor Chapter. Sorin is installed August 27 as Superior of Notre Dame and Vicar of the Vicariate of Indiana.

"Henceforth meetings are those of the Council of Administration -- the first being held on this date.

"Council will take name of Minor Chapter when there is a question of taking the habit, promotion to profession, etc.

Particular Council of Brothers created September 5, 1842

Council of Professors created January, 1844 Council of Trades created June 15, 1845

Council of Discipline created January, 1844 (subject to Council of Professors novitiate, Sisters House, Infirmary, kitchen, farm and in clearing 335 acres, the sum of 76,000 francs.

" . . . .to remove the worries of the Mother House about our finances, since in case we should fail to collect one-half our debts and are unable to sell the lands except for one-half the price asked, there would still be no danger of failure." Sorin, Granger, Brothers Theodore, Vincent, and Gatian

The preceding document is followed by Sorin's will: "In case of death Fr. A. Granger, and Brother Vincent, are the legitimate heirs of all which belongs to me or will belong to me, at the moment of my death." June 17, 1857

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