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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Seven years ago the Brothers of Holy Cross were invited by the late Archbishop Messmer to take charge of St. Charles' Boys' Home. Brother Florentius, the first Brother Director, during his three years of administration laid the foundations of the work now being brought to perfection by Brother Venard and his accociates . . . .

"It may be of interest to you to know that the Brothers are doing exceptionally fine work of St. Charles' Boys' Home, and that the whole Community recognizes their worth. Not only Catholics point to the Home as one of our most efficiently conducted institutions, but the Judge of the Juvenile Court and in particular the Community Group are enthusiastic in their praise. The Judge, for example, is constantly wishing that we had a similar institution for non-Catholic boys, and the Community Fund executives take delight in describing the work and in sending visitors to see for themselves what is being done there." Extract from the letter, dated October 2, 1934, from Milwaukee Director of the Catholic Social Welfare Bureau to the Provincial of the Congregation of Holy Cross. ASSOCIATE OF ST. JOSEPH, Jan. 1935

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