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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Died September 20, 1872. This Brother was working on the farm for sometime. Stout and healthy, he seemed to promise many years of usefulness, but having neglected to change clothes after a heavy shower, he fell into consumption, lingered for some months and was found dead in the Infirmary. He had been at confession the day previous and received Holy Communion the morning of his death. He was about thirty years old." Father Granger, 1872

"Fortunately, we may say his whole life, since he came to us, had been a preparation for death. Simple, pious, obedient, and devoted, he had ever been an object of edification to all his associates; never caused the least trouble to anyone. Brother Christopher was born in Ireland in 1842, made his profession August 15, 1871." E. Sorin, 1872

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