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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Habits will be made out of the stuff sent by Very Rev. Mr. Badin. Local Council, April 19, 1847

Brother Augustus will henceforth make the stocks the Brothers might have need of. Local Council, Oct. 3, 1848

It was resolved that sheep should be bought around here, and that our wool should be given to Mr. Woeky of Ft. Wayne. Local Council, 1853

That wool should be sold if more expedient. Local Council, 1852

It was also decided that the hat known as the 'beavor' should be worn by the Salvatorists and Josephites when not wearning the religious habit. In summer, however, a straw hat may be worn; the color of the hat was not determined. Provincial Chapter Minutes

All the Brothers must wear the small round cloth cap, called the 'Tocqui', when they have on their religious dress. Ibid

The Roman collar shall not be worn by the Brothers when in secular dress. It shall be replaced by a collar and tie according to the model given to the chief tailor. Local Council, 1867

It will be asked of the Mother House that the Brothers of this Institute should be permitted to have their habits about 8" smaller than they are. Local Council, Jan. 31, 1848

As the cold is very intense in this country, the Brothers who teach in the different congregations (parishes) will have cloaks. October 16, 1848

Although it is a saving to the parents to have their students wear their old clothes, patched up instead of replacing worn out clothing by buying new, yet many parents do not appreciate the advantage and grumble at the bill for mending, and forms wrong idea of the house from the appearance of their sons going about the college in patched-up clothes or going home with patched shirts, darned stockings, and patches on elbows and knees -- not to mention the other patches, and that the time was not paid for in the bill of mending. MINUTES OF PROVINCIAL CHAPTER, 1859

"Clothing for the religious will always be made in some central house." Moreau, Letter 172, p. 303

Roman Collar for Brothers -- "Yesterday the Pope (Pius IX) took my rabat. I was at dinner in the Vatican with Msgr. de Merode, when this kind prelate said laughingly: 'The Holy Father wants your rabat and wants it tonight. Let us go for an audience.' I followed him. I passed through a suite of rich rooms . . . my turn came . . . . I entered . . . The Holy Father cried out: 'Here is Father Moreau. Have you brought your Brothers and your Orphans?' . . . He advanced, placed his two venerable hands on my shoulders, and said, laughing: 'I assured His Lordship, Bishop de Merode, that I would take your rabat from you. I want to take it away.' And at the same time my rabat disappeared. The Holy Father added that the next day I would a little collet like St. Vincent de Paul's, which I and mine, including the Brothers, would wear ever after. What do you think of this scene, my good friends? It was thus, however, that the third audience began." LIFE OF VERY REV. BASIL MOREAU, by his nephew, Rev. Charles Moreau: "Annals of Our Lady of Lourdes," April, 1935

All the vestments (clothing) of the three Societies shall henceforth be made with the wool of our own sheep. For the Winter and summer we will all be clothed with the summer cloth bought in Cincinnati. Local Council, December 20

The wool from our sheep to be manufactured into flannel and money to be paid for instead of dividing the material with the Manufactures. Local Council, 1865

Blouses to be worn by all members working in the college dorms, refectories, etc. Each one to have two. Local Council, 1865

All the clothes of the pupils shall be made in the form of those of Frank. Council of Professors, 1844

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