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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(Cointet -- Moreau, August, 1843) "Brother John, who had gone to meet this colony at the Mother House and had, all unknowing, passed them in mid-ocean, returned to N.D. in November." KINGS HIGHWAY, p. 126

(Cointet and Bro. John) "Father Cointet, fully restored to health, arrived at N.D. with Brother Eloi and Sister Mary of Calvary in August. Brother John, etc. as above."

(Cointet -- Moreau, 1843) "We had the sorrow to leave Le Mans without being accompanied by Brother John, whom they made us hope for and who is now sailing toward Holy Cross; and here we are, happy enough to end our voyage in the company of the family of this same Brother (in N.Y.C.). His approaching arrival at Holy Cross dispenses me from giving you many details concerning Notre Dame du Lac. He will tell you that Fr. Sorin is alreay at the head of 24 Brothers; he will speak to you of the good Indians who are occupied with the construction of the College and with the cultivation of our lands.

" . . . . From all sides they ask for priest, Brothers, and Sisters of our Congregation." -- F. Cointet. (He arrived at N.D. with Bro. Eloi). (Written at Detroit where Cointet was en route to N.D., July 16, 1843) ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY, pp. 120-1

" . . . .Often did it appear that the weather-beaten vessel, leaking in all parts, was on the point of sinking forever . . . .I bowed my head to await the water grave that seemed our portion." Life of the Rev. F. Cointet, C.S.C., by Mother Angela, 1855

"Dedicating this spot of Notre Dame du Lac, Father Sorin selected a charming little island in the large lake as the site of two novitiates -- one for the priests he hoped to train for the new mission, and the other for the Brothers. A beautiful site was also chosen on the banks of the lake for the future college. Then with a firm confidence in Divine Providence, he spent the winter, collecting the scattered Catholics of the neighborhod into a regular Congregation, in forming his novitiate of the Brothers, and attending the temporal wants of his little colony."

"It was to the sons of the forest, the remnant of the red race passing from the plains of Indiana, and to the advance guard of civilization, the poor Irish laborers, of the railroad, that he delighted to break the bread of life."

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