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(Cointet -- Moreau; New York; July 16, 1843) "On the sixth of June we sailed for France full ofjoy, and dreaming only of the beautiful Mission before us. The day after Pentecost the weather became very bad; about midnight we were aroused from our slumbers by the noise of a violent tempest, which continued with unabated fury during the night and the succeeding 48 hours. All contributed to our alarm and teeror: The piercing criews of our sailors, who regarded us as the harbingers of shipwreck; the violence of winds and waves, and the incessant creaking of our little vessel. Oh, how often during those critical moments, did we think of Holy Cross . . . . Could it be that this little colony, so anxiously desired . . . .should all be engulfed in the waves . . . . " 1843

"Left France, June 6, 1843. Cointet in charge: Fathers Marivault and Gouesse, Brother Augustus, two sisters.

"Very bad crossing, leaky ship, gave themselves up for lost." 1843

"Left Ste. Croix, Mary 27, 1843, composed of Cointet, Abbe Marivault, Gouesse, for the Society of Priests; Brother Eloi for the Brothers, 4 Sisters. Havre June 3. Reached Detroit early in July.

"New colony would have sufficed to raise courage of the old one, but the three ecclesiastics hadn't made their novitiate. Meant more work for Sorin.

"Brother Eloi, a locksmith, was very helpful to the house. A shop and tools were provided him. Would have been more helpful but a 'vice de tete' often paralyzed the cleverness of his hands.

"Help of the Sisters felt by all. Linen must have been neglected, having only the Brothers to care for it. Nuns put in order and cleanliness." 1843

(First Brick House) "Architect didn't keep his promises so the proposed college couldn't be built yet. The urgent need of accomodations for the Brothers, fear of not being able to do anything structual that year, the desire to accomodate some boarders, as well as other things led them to build something in brick which could serve these and other purposes."

"Such was the origin of the first brick house. Later it was remodelled for the use of the Sisters. It served however, for more than a year for its original purposes and even for classes." 1843

See under "Hailandiere"

See "Life of Father Moreau," by his nephew, Book 2, pp. 22, Chap. V.

" " " " " " " " " " " 66, Chap. XV.

(THIRD COLONY) 1844: Brother Augustus etc.

(FOURTH COLONY) 1844: "Brother Vincent left Harve, September 10, aboard the Zurich with Father Granger, Brother Justin and Augustus. Dangerous crossing. Arrived at New York, October 12. Parmentier family gave them a touching welcome. Left New York, October 15. Arrived October 28. Stormy crossing on Lake Erie. In danger from October 11 in the morning until October 20 night."

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