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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Toward the end of 1856 a German Brother was sent there to open a school for small boys. The beginning seems most propitious; 75 pupils attend daily." Archives, 1856

"At the end of 1856, a German Brother sent to begin school for small boys. Very good prospects. 75 pupils in attendance daily. Next year will be more.

"Thirty hours from Notre Dame, five from Cincinnati to capital of Ohio. Population of 20,000, of which 3,000 are Catholics. Only two Catholic Churches: one for the Germans, one for Irish. First, beautiful spacious. At least 2,000 German Catholics."

Brother Angelus (Columbus, 1861) enjoined to apply himself seriously to his studies -- August 22, 1860." (See also "Foundations -- Columbus and Toledo.)

Holy Cross School: "Besides these, nearly every Church in the diocese (sic) has its school, and they are all filled with pupils." CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, 1857, p. 122, 1857

St. Patrick's School, "At the age of nine years he (D.A. Clarke) began to attend the parochial school connected with St. Peter's Church, in his native city and then conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross." SILVER JUBILEE, p. 331, 1859

"A loan mentioned for freeing the Columbus property from debt." Local Council, February 7, 1859

"Brother Lawrence will go to Columbus to seal our property there."

"Properties at Columbus shall be sold for a reasonable amount to pay our debts." Local Council, February 29, 1864

(Brother Boniface -- Sorin; May 10, 1858) (Provincial) "With regard to the property here I can say but very little. I could have sold same, but property is as yet rather a little low. I rented part of Mt. Pleasant to an Irishman, who at the same time has to see that nothing will go to ruin."

(Brother Edward -- Sorin) "I am requested by Father Hempstiger (successor to Father Borgese -- (Bishop of Detroit)) to ask for teachers for his school next year . . . . Our schools closed on the fifteenth of July . . . .Teacher also, Brother Justinian." 1859

(Provincial) "August 7, 1860 -- May new tenant is a good man; he sends the rent to me every quarter.

"Father, I am doing my best at the studies. I spend every forenoon at them. We made the retreat as well as we couild . . . .

"I heard Father Fitzgerld make some remarks before about high branches, but he has no boy in College who has been one over the arithmetic. I have taken them farther than they have even been before, that is, to square root. So, be not alarmed; I can do them justice. They have never been in book keeping, and I put them over single entry."

"July 31, 1860 -- I expect rent from the tenant in a few days. When I get it I will send it to you -- " Brother Gregory -- Sorin

"June 24, 1860 -- Yours of the 21st inst. spoiled all my calculations. I thought I could go home to make my novitiate, but what your wish is that I will do.

"Father Fitzgerald asks me if I could teach geometry and algebra. I told him I could not. He manifests a desire for the teaching of those branches. You know that there are very few among the Brethren who can or do teach these branches . . . . No complaints are made against us in any way." (Brother Gregory to Sorin, Brother Gregory, a novice)

"For a year the Irish School, the only one kept. 160 boys under two Brothers. Salary, $150 a year with board and room. A precious foundation, which ought to be cared for and has a good future." SORIN CHRONICLES

(Father Borgess -- Sorin; 1858; Provincial) "Presuming that good Brother Boniface had upon his return explained to you that it seemed not only advisable, but on my part a necessity, that the good Brothers should not board with me, but live together, I have not considered it urgent to write. I have not yet determined to keep house, if I cannot succeed to rent a suitable house . . . .

"Brother Boniface intimated that you would require $500 for two Brothers when they board themselves, which we will cheerfully try to make up." (Father Borgess was afterwards Bishop of Detroit) 1858

"Here also the Congregation had a double school. St. Mary's, but for want of members the German school had to be given up temporarily. During the past year the Irish school is the only one the Brothers have. It has 160 pupils under two Brothers, whose salaries are $150 with board and lodging.

"This is a valuable foundation which should be well cared for and which has bright promises for the future.

"In short conditions of foundation about the same prosperity as in 1857-8" SORIN CHRONICLES, 1860

"St. Patrick's School for boys, under the Brothers of Holy Cross; for girls, under the S.N.D. Attendance: 400." CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, p. 86, 1861

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