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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The old novitiate of St. Joseph has been since twelve months the Professed House, and answers well the object for which it is now intended. The professed, who have the real spirit of their vocation, and who love to live retired from worldly intercourse, will always cherish that beautiful spot." Sorin, 1870

(1868-1879) "Professed House for priests and Brothers exclusively as a house for the professed in 1868. Before that it was a novitiate. In 1879 a new building was erected on the 'Island' for the community and the old Professed House turned into an infirmary for the community under the cars of the Sisters of Holy Cross. Usually there are from 75 to 80 members in the Professed House and the Infirmary."

"A communication was received from the Very Rev. Father General directing that all members who are not in charge of students should reside at the new Professed House." Local Council, January 2, 1880

Professed Brothers' house with its little belfry, and its gay flower- garden. Here the good Brothers reside whose peculiary care it is to cultivate the farm of Notre Dame; Here reigns the peaceful calm, the neatness, and the order and the superior virtue which must ever mark the abode of men who have made a sacrifice of their lives to God by their sublime vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. Their pretty dwelling forms a real picture when viewed from the wooded hill beyond it, the glassy lake on whose very edge it stands reflecting every line and light and shadow, and the soft-tinted clouds of evening resting are over it like the protecting wings on angels. Toward the south stands the barn with its stores of fodder, its stabling, and its variety of four-footed inmates." 1865

"A Professed Brother' House was proposed in Council. A great need is felt for this house. Plans and cost are to be prepared by Brother Peter, who will submit them to the Council." January 15, 1866

"The buildings are going on well now, but I don't think the Professed House can be occupied for a month to come." Brother Edward to Sorin in Europe, Provincial, December 1879

(Chronicles, 1895) "Where the building now stands was formerly called the 'Island', from the fact that in early days the lakes were so high that the water completely surrounded the hill upon which the Community House is built. Building first utilized exclusively as a Community House in 1868. Before that it was a novitiate. In 1879 the new addition was built, which serves as an Infirmary for the sick members. Usually from 75-80 persons in the House of the Infirmary. The site was formerly a cemetery in which was buried priests, Brothers, and Sisters until 1857, when by order of Father Moreau, the Sisters removed their dead to St. mary's cemetery. The Congregation of Holy Cross selected the present burial place in 1868 when the bodies were moved to it." 1895

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