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On cover of book published in 1855 we find "Congregation of Holy Cross."

" . . . . Approbation of the Church was obtained, when the Holy See directed the first two branches to a more complete fusion; separation at the same time of the third branch . . . . " Advertisement in Catholic Almanac, p. 297, 1859

Initials: C.S.C. -- first used in 1861.

"The prisoners of Holy Cross," a brief account of prison life in Paris under the Commune. AVE MARIA, 7:558, 578, 622, 1871

C.S.S.C. -- (Society) 1872


"These three letters stand for SOCIETAS SANCTAE CRUCIS -- in the venacular English, SOCIETY OF THE HOLY CROSS, - and in the vernacular French, CONGREGATION DE STE. CROIX. Some persons, presuming to Latinize English or French satisfy their taste by using the three letters, C.S.C., which means CONGREGATION SANTAE CRUCIS, one half English or French and the other half Latin. The word Congregation in French (it was in France that the Society originated, and exists under the name of Congregation de Ste. Croix) means in English religious society, or SOCIETAS in Latin, a number of persons associated. The word CONGREGATION in English means an assembly of persons, especially a religious assembly, such as belongs to a Church or comprises a parish. Now C.S.C. does not designate at all a member of the SOCIETY OF HOLY CROSS, it may designate at most that the person affixing C.S.C. to his name is pastor of the Congregation of St. Cecil, or St. Clement or St. Celestine. We have seen sometimes in public print the names of members of the Society of the Holy Cross with the three letters C.S.C. affixed. We have under our eyes at present an advertisement in a New York paper having the three letters S.C.S. at the end of Father Corby's name. This mistake is the more strange in that the firm by which the paper is issued has had a thousand occasions of printing and seeing printed as S.S.C. We are afraid they were directed to do so by some Don Quixote philologist." March 9, 1872

"The year 1866 must form an epoch in the annals of the Congregation of Holy Cross. The resignation of the Superior General having been accepted by the Pope, a Vicar General was named by the Cardinal Prefect of Propaganda to rule until the next General Chapter, Father Chappe, first General Assistant was chosen. Chapter met at usual time at Ste. Croix, Le Mans.

Msgr. Dufal, Bishop of Delcon (Dacoa) was chosen. The Congregation was divided into four provinces; France, Indiana, Canada, and Bengal. The following year the new Superior General arrived at Marseilles." Sorin Chronicles

(Congregation of Holy Cross: Founder) " . . . .the fact of the matter is that it began and developed in a manner so mysterious, that I can slaim for myself neither credit for its foundation nor merit for its progress. Therein lies the indubitable proof that God alone is the Founder of the Congregation, since, according to St. Augustine, when we cannot find the cause of a good work we must recognize that God is its beginning and author." Father Moreau: Letter #94

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