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The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


Listed as Provincial of Indiana and its dependencies. AVE MARIA, 8:655, 1842

"To put system in the work of the new college and to work to advantage I would have the following order observed: (1) Brother Charles will lay out the work for masons and carpenters, make all measurements and give directions and interpretation of the plans. (2) Brother Alfred will take a squad of masons and work with them. (3) Brother Simon, steward, will see to things necessary, as his office required. (4) Brother Alexander will be time-keeper and will have charge of the working men's teams, etc . . . ." William Corby, Mary 26, 1879

"In 1842, they moved to what is now known as Notre Dame, Indiana. Then it was the peaceful home of the muskrat. Here were found, undisturbed, the rattlesnake, massasogers, and other reptiles. Wild bears and deer roamed without let or hindrance, except when hunted by the Indian." Rev. William Corby, 1888. 1842

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