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CYPRIAN, BROTHER (FLANNIGAN, THOMAS) Died September 25th, 1878.

"This excellent Brother died of Yellow fever in New Orleans on the 25th of August. He had been sent there to teach the school of the Vincentians, St. Joseph' School, Common Street, the year previous. Pious and gentle, he won the affection of all in every position he was placed. He had been assistant Prefect of the Junior Department at Notre Dame and afterwards teacher at LaSalle, Illinois. His constitution was very weak and demanded a mild climate."

"On Thursday last, the daily papers Chronicled the demise of this excellent religious at New Orleans, where he fell a victim to the yellow fever, while at St. Vincent's Home for Boys, on Bienville Street. This will, we know, be sad news to the boys of 1875-6, who had the good fortune to be placed under Brother Cyprian's care while he was prefect at Notre Dame, but should also be a consolation to them and all his friends to know that their amiable friend died like a hero at the post of duty, and that he takes his place on the "Roll of Honor" with the many others that have fallen in the same cause -- the devoted priests and Sisters, the Howards, the doctors and other friends of humanity and charity at Vicksburg, Memphis, New Orleans, and other places who have laid down their lives in the noble cause of charity.

"Brother Cyprian's name in the world was Thomas Flannigan. He was a native of the city of Dublin, Ireland, where for a number of years previous to his joining the Congregation of Holy Cross at Notre Dame, he had charge of one of the principle religious Confraternities attached to St. Francis Xavier's Church, Gardiner Street. There, as here and at New Orleans, his amiable manners and unassuming piety attracted all hearts toward him and on his departure for Notre Dame he was presented by the members of the Confraternity with a touching address in which they expressed in a beautiful way their feelings of regret at his departure. He arrived at Notre Dame in 1872, where he resided until he transfered to New Orleans 2 years ago.

"Brother Cyprian is dead at the early age of 29, and in the fifth of his religious life, he has gone to receive the reward of a good life. He died after five days illness. In simple justice to his memory we may say of him with the poet:

'A soul more spotless never wept a tear,

A heart more tender, open and sincere,

A hand more ready favors to bestow,

By friends regretted and without a foe;

How prized in life by those who knew him well,

How wept in death the orphans' tears can tell."

SCHOLASTIC, September 28, 1878

"Brother Cyprian' Lily" AVE MARIA, 24:288; also in "Brothers of Holy C."

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