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"One of his (Bishop Timon, Buffalo) earliest plans was the foundation of a college; and in 1848 the Rev. J. Delaune, late President of St. Mary's College, Kentucky, opened, under the auspices of the Bishop, the college of the Sacred Heart at Rochester; but it met with difficulty, and closed in 1852." "The Catholic Church in the U.S.", p.485, by Henry de Courey, 1857

"Afterwards discussing the matter at their leisure, Father Delaune asked permission of the bishop to make a collection in the East and in CAnada for the Brothers of St. Joseph, on condition, however, that one fourth of the proceeds should be applied to the debt on the church Father Delaune had built at Mt. Pleasant.

"God blessed his labors. Within a year he sent the Bishop nearly 15,000 francs, 'not to speak of some bales of goods, and some postulants he had secured. These resources were more than enough to keep life in the young community.'" SORIN CHRONICLES, 1841-1842

See "St. Mary's, Kentucky, 1846";"Madison, Indiana";"Bishop Hailandiere to Brothers, 1846".

See under "Finances, 1841-42".

See under "Madison." M-32

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