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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Ferdinand, who recently replaced Brother Philip as landscape gardener, has a plan of complete renovation for the campus. Under this plan certain trees that are too close together are being removed to different locations to afford room for development and growth. When the trees are further apart, they widen at the trunk and grow to full strength and glory; whereas if permitted to grow closely the trees would grow straight up and their strength and balance would be impaired. Some of the bushes are also being removed for the same reason. Those trees, which have been cut down, have been done at the orders of the local gardener.

"Brother Ferdinand is a graduate of the Illinois School of Landscape Gardening (Champaign) and his knowledge of this work is very keen. The slight marring of the beauty of the campus is merely temporary -- being sacrificed for permanent improvement." NOTRE DAME DAILY, February 17, 1924

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