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It was decided that the washroom for the boarders and also the alley for the football should be fixed during vacation. Local Council, July 30, 1855

1863: See Brother Francis de Sales, Football

Football is a very good and exciting game, and can be hugely enjoyed by any one in heavy boots if he is not afraid of his shins, and if he could sleep next morning later than half past five o'clock to rest himself and to dream his battles o'er again.

Last Wednesday the 6th of November, about sixty or seventy boys of the Junior department accompanied by Brother Florentius, proceeded to a fallow field to have some fun kicking the ball, and occasionally each others shins . . . . SCHOLASTIC, November 9, 1867

A meeting was held Tuesday evening to form a Rubgy football association. The organization was completed Thursday with the election of the following officers for one session: President, Brother Paul of the Cross; Secretary, G. Craig; Treasurer, C. Stubbs; Captain, J. Cusack and G. Houck. Great enthusiasm which will be able to cope with any eleven in the West. SCHOLASTIC, December 3, 1887

"The Football Association held their spring meeting in the Brownson reading-room, March 9. The following officers were elected: President, Brother Marcellinus, Director, Brother Paul . . . . The selection of F. Fehr as captain of the special team was approved by all in the association. It was decided to have a series of games for the local championship." SCHOLASTIC, March 23, 1889

See under: "Brother Paul of the Cross," -- "Brother Marcellinus."

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