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Brother Aidan's Extracts


As is is shown that turf exists in our marsh on the Kankakee, Brother Eugene is charged with examining the affair and making a report. LOCAL COUNCIL, April 29, 1867

It was decided to make 250 tons of turf. 1868: Resolved: that the contract should be given to Mr. Kavanagh for the making of turf at $2.50 per ton. LOCAL COUNCIL, March 16, 1868

1869: Five hundred tons of slaying turf were to be contracted for at $2.00 a ton with Mr. Hanley; 500 tons of molded turf were to be . . . .

1852: . . . that coal should be bought as soon as possible. LOCAL COUNCIL

1863: Council decides that the wood bought ten miles from here shall be hauled by strangers as far as possible. LOCAL COUNCIL, October 30

1864: The Council decides that forty acres of wood shall be bought. LOCAL COUNCIL, February 5, 1864

A piece of land with wood 84 acres was allowed to be purchased for about $2,100. LOCAL COUNCIL, December 19

1865: It was resolved that coal should be bought for one boiler as an experiment. LOCAL COUNCIL, November 27, 1865

1866: Four carloads of coal must be procured. LOCAL COUNCIL, Feb. 5, 1866

1871: Eight acres of land, about two or three miles north, were allowed to be bought for the wood on it. LOCAL COUNCIL, September 15

1872: Brother Maximus shall have charge of the gang of wood choppers. LOCAL COUNCIL, January 12

1870: It was resolved to continue to make turf and use it together with wood, especially in winter, as it is found to make more steam by using both together. LOCAL COUNCIL, 1870

1870: Cribs for the drying of the turn will be put up at St. Joseph's Farm. LOCAL COUNCIL, 1870

1876: It was decided that wood should be burned instead of coal if found cheaper. LOCAL COUNCIL, Jan. 16, 1876

Also it was ordered that Brother Emmanuel should be told to make coal for his own use. COUNCIL OF ADMINISTRATION, June 23, 1845


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