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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Bonaventure shall watch in the garden from 4:30 to 7:00. Mr. Arkinswill watch during the days, Bro. John during meals, and Bros. Antoninus and Charles, 6:30 -- 7:30 p.m." LOCAL COUNCIL, Sept. 14, 1863

"Brother Gatian was a genius, an incomprehensible Frenchman! He was capable of doing anything and everything. He was in the early days the intellectual soul of the institution. Peace to his ashes." "THE GOLDEN JUBILEE": T.E. Howard, p. 72, 1895

"Grammer by Bro. Gatian: See "Brothers Particular Council (9)." 1845

"Bookkeeping: "The professor of bookkeeping shall be Brother Gatian as Mr. Shawe would not accept the class . . . Brother Gatian shall not begin teaching it before 15 days, that Brother Gatian may prepare himself. Double entry shall be taught." COUNCIL OF PROFESSORS, Oct. 3, 1846

"(Sorin Memo) Brother Gatian, 20, Master of Discipline for the Brothers and professor at the College, also secretary of 7-8 councils. A capable young man if God preserves him and if he keeps his head. Wants to become a priest." 1846

"Brother Gatian will go to the Novitiate and teach the Brothers and translate the Constitutions." M. CHAPTER, June 4, 1849

"Brother Gatian made his students enthusiastic on the subject of math." Jos. A. Lyons, "Silver Jubilee"

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