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The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


(June 1, 1846) "1. Notre Dame ordered not to misinterpret rules, nor to make a foundation without the written permission of Moreau. 2. Nobody to leave Notre Dame 'in diebus' except to visit the sick. 3. Above all, Sorin will start Novitiates immediately on return and Moreau will decide how long each one will be tried in them." 1846

(1868) "A General Chapter of the priests and Brothers was convoked at Rome in June, 1868 as a result of the resignation of Bishop Dufal,who had been recalled from India to assume the duties of the Generalate. With 17 members in attendance the capitulants selected Father Sorin 3rd Superior General." FLAME IN THE WILDERNESS, . . . McAllister, 1868

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