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GILBERT, BROTHER (James Horton -- Died Feb. 28, 1930)

"The Congreation of Holy Cross is mourning the death of Brother Gilbert. Ph. B., Education '24, on the most able teachers among the Brothers. Brother Gilbert died in New Orleans on February 28. He was a member of the faculty of Holy Cross College there.

"He had taught at a number of the schools and colleges conducted by the Congregation, and his unusually large figure was familiar to the students at Notre Dame summer schools.

"Brother Gilbert's pen was ready in defense of the Faith and of Notre Dame. He was a contributor to many magazines and newspapers, and was highly respected by all who knew him. His name before joining the order was James Horton. He was born at Traverse City, Michigan, in 1895 and joined the Congregation of Holy Cross in 1913.

"Brother Gilbert's death was caused by high blood pressure with ensuing heart complications. The funeral was held at Notre Dame on Monday, March 3." ALUMNUS, 8:211, 1930

(See: Article on Brothers of Holy Cross, "Alumnus", 3:97)

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