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"The particular councils are established to help the Father Rector and the superiors in the discharge of their functions, to settle the foundations, and to rule the affairs, belonging to their obedience, to watch the execution of all the acts of administration which concern them, to enforce the regulations and Constitutionsand to propose to the General Council, all the ameliorations and modifications, which they may think necessary, to be afterwards approved of by the Father Rector." RULES AND CONSTITUTIONS OF THE BROTHERS OF ST. JOSEPH IN AMERICA, 1846

"Besides the Father Rector who shall visit all the establishments at least once, and the Superiors who shall do the same in the establishments subjected to their superiority, there shall be a Brother Visitor to do the same for them once a year in their respective Communities." RULES AND CONSTITUTIONS OF THE BROTHERS OF ST. JOSEPH

"The Institution is governed by a general Superior, who takes the name of Fr. Rector, and is elected in perpetuity after two consecutive trials, and is aided in his charge by particular superiors (who by right are members of the grand Council and of the general Council of those whom they govern) by two assistants, 2 masters of novices, 2 visitors, one steward, one understeward, 2 monitors and a general secretary" THE RULES AND CONSTITUTIONS OF THE BROTHERS OF ST. JOSEPH IN AMERICA, Notre Dame, Indiana, January 1, 1846

Rules and Directory in German: "The Chapter also begs permission to have the common rules and an abridgment of the Directory translated into German and printed at the Provincial House." (To Fr. Moreau) MINUTE BOOK, 1865

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