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"Population, 6,000. Catholic population exclusively German. Brothers school established in 1855 at request of Fr. Eberhard, O.F.M., on same conditions as Cincinnati. Started by Irish Christian Brothers while waiting for Brother Dominic to come from St. John's, Cincinnati School. Too new to say anything definite, but apparently it will succeed well." Sorin Chronicles, 1855

Bro. Dominic:

1883 -- Bro. Dominic (different)

1874 -- Bro. Modestus: "The means we are allowed to make use of in keeping order are: giving good notes and seats, taking them away, tasks, detention, kneeling down, and sending to the Brother Director seems to have no effect. In the first place the children are neglected at home, doing what they please. Or should we call on the pastor several times a day to punish the boys for us, as he once did, whipping them with a cowhide? . . . It is necessary that they fear and respect the Brothers teaching . . . By making use of a strap, I enforced order." Provincial Archives

"School closed in December, 1858. Brother Dominic who had a German school there for two and a half years, fell sick. Doctor said a change of job would be necessary. Thereupon the good Brother thought it would be better for him to finish everything at one stroke. So without consulting anybody, he left his post and vocation. Superior and Brothers tried in vain to bring him back. He persisted and the affair was referred to Father Moreau" SORIN CHRONICLES

"Boys' school under the Brothers of Holy Cross" CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, 1859

The same in the Catholic Directory for 1860; also in the Catholic Almanac for 1859. 1875 St. Stephen's school. 1882: 3 Brothers 194 boys. 1884: 2 Brothers, 182 boys. 1890: St. Mary's 1 Brother. 1891: St. Joseph's: 1 Brother, 3 Sisters. 1892: 2 Brothers of Holy Cross for St. Joseph's School, Boys 134.

(St. Stephen's Parish . . . 1870-88) From the years 1870 to 1888 the Brothers of Holy Cross, of Notre Dame, Indiana, directed the boys of St. Stephen's. Brothers Blasius, Herman, and Constantine are still remembered by Frank Heier and Steve Kuth, who love to recall Brother Constantine's famous words, "Sechs auf die Hosen."

In the year 1889 the Franciscan Brother, Placidus Lenne put St. Stephen School . . . . "100 YEARS OF ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH," 1934

(Father Corby to Sorin . . . Mar. 28, 1870. St. Stephen's School) "I find the Brothers in good disposition and things in good order. I am particularly pleased to see the good Brothers so contented and so devoted to the duties of their sacred calling." NOTES OF VISITATION

"At Hamilton, I found everything in good order. Brother Dominic the director is a good religious. They have good school rooms and every accomodation to make them comfortable and their labors effective. They attend their religious duties well. The priests of the parish are well pleased with them." REV. P.P. COONEY, VISITOR to Rev. Provincial Granger

(Brother Dominic -- Sorin) "We have a very good school. I have 50 and Brother Benedict has 76 boys." 1874; Bro. Vincent, Bro. Modestus

" . . . and discipline, faithful attendance at Church and school, but since it has been prohibited, we are all returning to the place whence we have started. I therefore ask permission to make use of a strap in the way stated in "The Government of the Christian Schools", by the Ven. J.B. LaSalle, pp. 108-9" 1883

(From Sorin -- Sept. 30, 1875, Provincial Archives) "To the Heads of Houses: Without any dispensation from quarterly statistics, state for me on the last day of each month: 1) the total receipts during the month . . . 65.58; 2) the total expenditures during the month . . . 58.63; 3) What is due the House . . . 2 Brother's salaries for one year . . . $800 4) What the House owes for fuel . . . $10.00; number of pupils present . . . 134. Your remarks on the state of the House; "We enjoy good health, keep all the exercises, go to Communion three times a week." Bro. Vincent de Paul, 1875

"St. Stephen's School is conducted by two Brothers. Brother Ambrose, Director. The number of boys attending is 160. This school belongs to the Franciscan Friars, who have done all they could to make it prosperous. Unhappily peace has been sometimes disturbed by misunderstandings between the Brothers, and changes otherwise necessary have proved disastrous." 1878

1855: "Ten minutes from Cincinnati (St. Stephen's School at Hamilton) established at request of O.S.F. Fathers. German population."

1890: "It was decided to close St. Stephen's school at Hamilton" PROVINCIAL CHAPTER

1888: 1st class, 59 . . . Bro. Constantine, Director
2nd class, 69 . . . Bro. Herman
Salary; $400 each. W. Corby

1897: "Committee on Foundations reported that the Hamilton School was discontinued" PROVINCIAL CHAPTER, July 17

"St. Joseph's School: founded 1890. Boy's department taught by Brother Constantine and Herman. Brother Constantine is Director, pupils . . . 100" CHRONICLES

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