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(St. Peter's) "Father Superior asked whether a proposition could not be made to the Bishop to have our Sisters forming a novitiate at St. Peter's, Indiana, according to his Lordship's wishes, and to get the resolution approved at the Motherhouse. The Council answered in the negative." LOCAL COUNCIL, July 12, 1847

" . . . . The Sisters should move from this place either to Bertrand or Mishawaka." LOCAL COUNCIL, October 10, 1853

Washington: The Community of Notre Dame shall pay to the Sisters for services, as follows: For washing for each individual Religious, professor or student or apprentice . . . $5.00 Sisters: For each Sister employed by the Religious at Notre Dame, besides their board . . . $50.00 Contract with the Sisters, 1857 Separation of Temporals of Sisters of Holy Cross . . . 1857

"On the fifth of September, in the year 1857, the Very Reverend Father Superior General, wishing to organize the Society of the Sisters Marianites conformably to the intention of His Holiness Pius the IX, in separating for the future the temporals of the Marianites from those of the other two Societies. (Salvatorists and Josephites), repaired to the Community room at St. Mary's, Province of Notre Dame du Lac and of St. Mary's. Present were . . .

"The Two councils being organized, the Very Rev. Superior General determined by mutual consent: first, without ceasing to render reciprocal services in conformity to the Rules, they should divide from the first of September last the temporals of the two Societies so that they should completely separate for the future; consequently each of the two Societies shall be governed henceforth in temporals at their own risk and peril; second, that all goods, be they bought or given, acquired up to this day in the Congregation will remain in common till all old debts are remitted; third, that the two Councils will meet and verify every three months or at least every year, the debts remitted, until all are remitted, the register being kept in two columns, one debts common and anterior to September 1st; fourth, that services shall continue to be exchanged without financial recompense" "ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY", p. 212

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Holy Cross Sisters, 1862: See under "Sorin and the Sisters."

(Sisters of Holy Cross, St. Mary's) -- "The Sisters shall furnish to Notre Dame 34 Sisters, including the Sisters employed at St. Mary's in the service of Notre Dame, and in return they shall receive the services of six working Brothers and one priest."

(Early Notre Dame . . . Sisters of Holy Cross) . . . "Without the Sisters, the priests and Brothers of Holy Cross could not have achieved Notre Dame; in turn, the Sisters would not have flourished without the guidance, inspiration, and opportunities which the priests and Brothers brought to the family of Holy Cross." "OUR PROVINCES", Sr. Marie Renata, p. 75

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(Sorin and the Sisters, 1862) "In August, 1862, the Superior General sent his nephew and First Assistant, Father Charles Moreau, to America to act as canonical Visitor . . . to make the Sisters financially independent of Notre Dame . . . .

" . . . Once again it was agreed -- as it had been in 1857 -- that the Sisters were to receive one third of the entire resources while they assumed the same proportion of debts. They were given the grounds of St. Mary's, consisting of 120 acres. The deeds to all these properties Father Sorin kept at Notre Dame in his own name." "FLAME IN THE WILDERNESS", p. 209

(Sisters of the Holy Cross, 1889) "On March 2, 1889, the Constitutions received Apostolic Approbation for a period of seven years. Early in the summer vacation, Bishop Dwenger came to tell the assembled Sisters the circumstances of the Approval, which he had secured during his recent visit to Rome, and also the conditions; these being the closing of the house at Notre Dame, total separation in government from the priests and Brothers, and the prolonging of the Novitiate and the Scholasticate" "On the King's Highway", p. 309

"That the Congregation of Holy Cross was foremost in the ranks of religious pioneers in the United States is a centennial heritage that one acknowledges in both pride and humility.

(Holy Cross Convent -- Brothers' Habits) "When Mother Augusta was elected general in August, 1889, she had the tailoring department discontinued" OUR PROVINCES, Sr. Renata, p. 68, 1889

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