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The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


Very Rev. E. Sorin, S.S.C., Vicar

"As originally admitted into the Union, the north line of Indiana was continuous with that of the Ohio. Shortly after the admission of the State, however, it was suggested that if the line were placed ten miles farther north, Indiana would have the advantage of a port on Lake Michigan, to gain which advantage was called the ten mile purchase was effected." A.J. Stace, SCHOLASTIC, September 8, 1888


"Indiana owes much of her present educational prestige to the many men and women of high ideals who came here at different times and who with real missionary zeal took up and furthered the cause of education." TWENTY-SECOND BIENNIAL REPORT, 1903-1904, p.18, Department of Public Instruction, Indianapolis

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