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JARLATH, BROTHER (Jeremiah O'Brien -- Died August 23, 1921)

"Dr. Ludlow E. Lapham, professor of English literature at St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester, New York, and formerly teacher at Cornell University, died February, 1909.

"The story of Dr. Lapham and Brother Jarlath, C.S.C. was told by Father W.H. Harrington to Bishop Hickey of Rochester, who commented on it in his eulogy on Dr. Lapham at the funeral services in Rochester.

"This story was to the effect that while an instructor at Cornell Dr. Lapham was visiting Patrick Wall of Ithaca and there met Brother Jarlath of Notre Dame University. He was so struck by the piety and zeal of the good Brotherthat he asked to occupy his room when the good Brother returned to Notre Dame." ITHACA DAILY NEWS, Feb. 22, 1909

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