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Brother Aidan's Extracts

JEROME, BROTHER (Felix Riley) (Probably same Brother as above)

"This evening (November 11, 1871) one of our first professed -- Brother Jerome -- expired, after a short illness of three days, strengthened by the Sacraments of the Church, and what is even more consoling, by a long and meritorious, edifying religious obervance of all his duties for morethan a quarter of a century.

"That his soul may soon enjoy the rest of the Just I lose no time to notify the Congregation of his demise; and in return for his constant and unfeigned devotedness, I earnestly beg of all our associates promptly and fervently to offer the pious suffrages he has so well earned.

"When a religious has for so many years served a Congregation with an unexceptionable zeal, and remained true to its interests through the innumerable trials unavoidable at the origin of a foundation, he deserves well of his confreres.

"Such is our dear Brother Jerome's claim upon our gratitude, or rather upon our common sense of justice. As an evidence of his love of solitude and retirement -- which many of us might study with profit -- Brother Jerome never left the premises since he first arrived here in 1844; neither can I remember that he ever expressed a desire of the sort" CIRCULAR LETTER, NOVEMBER 11, 1871

"Brother Jerome -- Felix Riley; died November 11, 1871. For many years he had charge of the college stable. Extremely devoted to his employment he could hardly let the horse go without reluctance, and no uncommonly without a sharp scolding. But with all this he was a good and faithful religious. He lingered for some months in the Infirmary and died there in his 58th year." Rev. A. Granger, c.s.c.

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