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Brother Aidan's Extracts

JOSEPH, BROTHER (Charles Rother)

Missioner at Pokagon, 1844-45.

(December 19, 1846) "Council convened to consider whether Brother Joseph shall become peddler in conformity with the Bishop's desire. The majority of the councillors, considering the great good which might result from such an undertaking, voted in the affirmative." (Brother Mary Joseph -- See "Indianapolis").

"Brother Joseph, 43, a German, a bit original, but most devoted and full of faith. Well adapted to printing. Has succeeded in handling the printing press without a teacher" SORIN MEMO, 1846

(Brother Joseph -- Sorin; January 3, 1850) (Provincial Archives) "I don't believe I will make a great deal on my passage through Indiana, but the very fact where-ever the Bishop has passed, two collections have been made; one for the Bishop himself and one for the orphan asylum. However, Rev. Mr. Clark gave me full liberty to make a collection now, but he said I would make very little, whilst if I could come back this weay or send someone on purpose from South Bend in proper season, we could collect from $150-$200 . . . I thought it prudent to defer my collection"

"January 8: I was compelled to remain here and make a collection -- I cleared $18 over and above the expenses to Terre Haute."

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