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Fr. Colopp (Kollop) celebrated Mass for the Indians this morning and Fr. Lauth preached to them. Fr. Kollop instructs the Indians every day except Saturday. I think there is some spiritual improvement in the Indians since we have been at work among them . . . .I have about 60 acres of wheat and barley to harvest. We have 200 acres on the farm, about 80 under cultivation. There is some talk of the Bishop buying more land and then we can make the mission pay. I have three milch cows, four horses, twelve hogs. I think if Notre Dame had a grape farm in this country it would pay better than anything they could invest money in. You could get your wine cheap and of an excellent quality. Brother Clement -- Sorin, 1882

"Our farm here lies in the northern part of Grass Valley. North of it is Clear Lake about 20 miles long and 5 miles wide. We have 120 Indians on our place and about 75% are baptized. We have good order in our house . . . " PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES, 1882

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