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" . . . .their (Society of Jesus) position in Kentucky had not been free from difficulties, and hte offer of St. John's College, Fordham, made by Bishop Hughes of New York, seemed to the General of the Society to open a wider and more untramelled field for the labors of his religious. They accordingly left the diocese in the summer of 1846, to the great grief of the aged Bishop."

See under "Delaune, Rev. J."

"At the commencement in 1846, Bishop Hughes, announced that he had transferred the college (Fordham) to the Jesuits. The buidlings and the grounds . . . .were purchased from him by the Jesuit Community that had come from their college in Marion Co., Kentucky, for $40,000. CATHOLIC BUILDERS OF AMERICA, p. 287, 1922

"In the following July, Bishop Hughes sold St. John's College at Fordham to the Jesuits of Kentucky." CATHOLIC BUILDERS OF AMERICA, V:77, Rev. Tierney, S.J.

"St. Mary's College Lebanon, Kentucky . . . This establishment, recently conducted by the Jesuit Fathers, is now under the charge of the Priests of the Holy Cross and the Brothers of St. Joseph. CATHOLIC ALMANAC, p. 128, 1847


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