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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Francis de Sales with three other Brothers will leave soon for La Salle, Ill. He will open St. Patrick's Academy there on November 16. He will no doubt build up an excellent school. Success attends his labors! Brother Simon succeeds him as steward."

-- Scholastic, October 31, 1874

"Six Brothers, Director, Brother Urban. Four Brothers at the Academy, two at the parish. Academy, 100 boys; parish school, 150. Only one drawback - a very serious one -clergy indifferent as to whether the children go to this school or the public school. if a pupil is billed for his fees, it is the last of him. To a free school he goes. Priests are unwilling to pay for even one Brother; they want him to teach for nothing. It is said that the Bishop also is indifferent about Public Education.

"I would insist on payment or the withdrawal of all the Brothers."

-- Fr. L"Entourneau, Visitor(1874)

"Letter read from Director of Academy at La Salle showed it was quite successful, but that the Parochial School paid very little. He suggested to propose to the pastor to pay the salary ($400) of one Brother, and accept the school money paid by the children for the second." Provincial Council, April 23, 1874

Brother Urban, Superior

1880: -- St. Patrick's School for Boys taught by the Brothers of Holy Cross. Attendance 200.

1878: -- Brother Marcellinus, Director

1877: -- La Salle Academy. Pupils, 70

1877: -- St. Patrick's School taught by the Brothers of Holy Cross, attendance, 200

1884: -- Sisters of Charity

1889: -- Brothers of Mary

"A letter was read from the Director of the College at La Salle complaining of the dilapidated condition of the building and the neglect of the priests, whose duty it was according to the agreement to keep the place in repair. The council agreed that unless the repairs were made immediately to withdraw the Brothers at Christmas."

-- Minutes of Provincial Council,Nov. 11, 1877

"It was decided to withdraw our Brothers from La Salle as the clergy would not comply with the terms of the contract and took no interest in the school."

-- Provincial Council, July 11, 1879

"With the Brothers in general I've been much pleased. But, I think, more interest should be taken in and at the Academy to procure pupils. Were this done we would have a very large attendance of boys, and the revenues from this source would be sufficient to warrant having the parochial school on a free basis, the same as the public schools. Then the public schools could claim no advantage over the parochial school."

-- Rev. L. J. L'Etourneau, C.S.C., Visitor(1877)

(Fr. Mark Anthony, C.M. -- Fr. Sorin) "Brother Urban tells me that only one Brother will be sent to teach the parochial school here the coming year. He gives as a reason that the amount received from the parochial school this year was less that of the previous year. It is easy to account for this. The times are difficult. But I hope -- and there is every reason to believe -- that they will be much better next year.

Besides, the number of children attending the parochial school really calls for more than one teacher. Indeed, were there more Brothers there could be more pupils."(1877)

"Our Congregation has had charge of St. Anthony's School, and directs an academy. We Brothers teach the parish school, and four Brothers are engaged in the academy. Brother Marcellinus is the Superior. This establishment, accepted in 1874 suffered much, in the beginning, from the misconduct of a Brother and subsequently a misunderstanding between the pastor and Director. Presently it is on a better footing and promises to be prosperous, although not properly patronized. Two hundred and forty boys attend both places."Rev. Alexius Granger, Visitor (1878)

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