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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Leonard who died May 6 at the Community Infirmary at Notre Dame, managed to make of his tragic death a final dramatic lesson. Brother Michael with the rest of his house were swept out of themselves by the surge of powerful faith and burning love of God which seemed to require just such hours of agony and certainly of quickly approaching death to make them blaze in the sight of all -- a consoling and unforgettable inspiration.

"Three weeks before his death, Brother Leonard prepared himself for this last week of his lefe with the initiative and systematic thoroughness which has characterized all his professional activities in the Community. To his students at Cathedral High School, Indianapolis, and to all who had written him during the onset of his illness, he wrote a letter humbly requesting that 'as a final favor, you continue to remember me in your prayers'.

"It is not even necessary for you to attempt to answer this letter,' he continued. 'Judging from my illness, it is uncertain how long I will be able to enjoy reading mail . . . in some way you will be informed of my passing'."

-- Associate of St. Joseph, October, 1939

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