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"The cottage secured in 1870 near St. Vincent's Church for the Sisters was previously the residence of Professor Bradley and of Jacob Rech and was afterward the home of 'Ducky Von Weller'. This cottage was occupied by the Holy Cross Brothers, who taught the youth of the parish for several years.

-- Centenary Souvenir Book of St. Vincent' Parish(1938)

(Fr. Lawler -- Sorin) July 24, 1871: "You are aware I have been asking for Brother to take charge of my school in Logansport. I have spoken to Fr. Corby different times during the year; I could not get any decided answer."

" . . . the new (Sister's) academy opened its doors in September, 1871. Professor 'Ducky' Von Weller was then engaged to teach the larger boys in St. Vincent's School near the church. When the enrollment increased the Brothers of Holy Cross sponsored the school until 1882. In that year the Sisters returned to the parochial school."

-- Our Provinces, P. 118, Sr. M. Renata

"St. Vincent de Paul school was one of the first parochial schools established in the diocese of Ft. Wayne. Built in 1862. . . ."

"In 1874 the boy's school was doubly enlarged, and continued in charge of a lay teacher until 1880. The Brothers of Holy Cross then assumed charge, but transferred it to the Sisters in 1882."

-- Report, Parochial Schools, Diocese of Ft. Wayne (1893)

(Brother Daniel -- Sorin, Oct. 6, 1882) "When I arrived here I found the school and house in miserable condition, so bad that I had to put in 108 panes of glass into the school and house and had to get blackboards and other things fixed. They were in as bad a condition as the windows were. Now all is in Fair condition and I am running the school in a way that satisfies everybody."

-- Provincial Archives

(Fr. Franciscus -- Sorin, November, 1882) "Brother Daniel has 61 boys in school and is greatly liked by the children and their parents. Fr. Walters, the pastor, recommended from the pulpit. He likes the school well, but not the company of the person with whom he boards, and around the persons of the other sex are, who act rather freely."

St. Vincent's Boys School: 1882-1883

Enrollment - 75

Brothers of Holy Cross - 2

Receipts - $340

-- Diocesan Report of School Board

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