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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"It is resolved to establish a Sisters and a Brothers school at Mackinac, at the urgent request of Fr. Peret, Pastor. Brother John Baptist sent."

-- Sorin Memo (1851)

"Just opened two schools at Mackinac." General Archives, Sorin-Drouelle, Oct. 26, 1852

"The year 1852 saw the opening of a school at Mackinac, Michigan, for boys and girls; but as the school did not show signs of success, it was closed within a year."

-- On the King's Highway, Mother M. Eleanore p. 280

(Sorin -- Moreau, Aug. 18, 1852) "Brother John Baptist there for one year. The Brother wanted to leave the Society, but consented to go there for one year."

-- General Archives, 8.140

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