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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(Brother Anatolius -- Sorin, 1858) "At your visit I forgot to request your permission to use a small quantity of tobacco. I wish for no more than six cents worth a month. I believe my health is rather impaired since I gave it up. I have been using it for thirty years and at an average of two ounces a week."

(Brother Michael -- Sorin, 1855) "Enclosed is the proposal of the schoolhouse. Messrs. Murphy and McKune of this place think it would be good to receive proposals from others also... I should think that according to the specifications, that the classrooms would be too small for a good school. Is it not an awful consideration to keep class in the church?

September 8, Mr. Burns offers to put up the building for $425."

"At the opening of the school year in 1852 Father Edmund Kilroy, the pastor of Michigan City, Indiana, obtained a Brother of Holy Cross to teach in his school."

-- On the King's Highway, Sr. M. Eleanore, p.280

"School opened: 50 pupils. In 1852 the House sent a Brother who taught there for a year. Toward the end of 1854 some Sisters were asked for and sent." (1852)

" Church in 1841, through Father St. Palais, 3rd Bishop of Vincennes. When Pastor of Chicago he visited here 3 or 4 times a year. Then a mission. 2000 population, 10% Catholic. In 1853 a Brother sent here to conduct school. Closed 1854."

"In a chronicle written by the Rev. Edward Sorin, in 1855, is this bit of history: 'In 1852 the house, that is, Notre Dame , sent a Brother who taught there, that is, Michigan City, for a year.'" Our Provinces , St. Renata, p. 245


"Brother Gregory will replace at Michigan City, Mr. Miller..."

-- Local Council (1855)

"Brother Gregory will go to New Orleans and thence to Galveston."

-- Local Council (1870))

(Brother Gregory -- Sorin, June, 1855) "Things seem to go on without any trouble as far as I can see." Provincial Archives

"English School. Boys 35: Brother Anatolius."

-- Dunnigan's Catholic Almanac, (1859)

"Brothers taught school for one year. Until 1860, a Brother from Notre Dame taught the boys." Our Provinces , Sr. Renata (1852)

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