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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Stephen will be sent tomorrow to Mishawaka to present to the Catholics there our proposition and conditions concerning our house in that place, which they intend to purchase for a church, namely, that they should have to pay $500, the first hundred within a month, and the other four hundred with interest within four years, at the rate of $100 a year. As a means of security a mortgage should be made on the properties of four Catholics among them." Local Council October 4, 1853

"It was resolved that the old tavern in Mishawaka be bought for a school house."

-- Local Council August 29, 1853

"Two Catholic Schools, one for boys, the other for girls, established 1853. The first under the Direction of a Brother of the Brothers of St. Joseph, the second under the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Scholars in the Brother's School; 30 -- one priest, German. One Catholic Church; frame." Granger Memo (1854)

"...A house was secured in Mishawaka and preparations planned for an academy (Sisters)...But the 'Know Nothing Movement' of the 1850's aroused so much religious animosity that the Mishawaka school did not draw pupils."

-- Our Provinces , Sr. M. Renata, p. 79

"Brother Gregory, 1854, writes from this address to Brother Joseph."

-- Provincial Archives (1854)

"St. Joseph's School, Mishawaka -- Enrollment, 172 -- boys, 95 -- girls, 77 -- Brothers, 4...terms in the school, 4 -- Days in each term, 90(sic) -- Months in school year, 10." Report of Diocesan School Board

"The superior decided that Brother Michael should replace at Mishawaka Brother Gregory, who would replace at Michigan City, Mr. Miller, and that Mr. Miller will have charge of the small study hall here."

-- Minutes of the Local Council May 28, 1855"Our house in Mishawaka shall be sold to the Bishop of Fort Wayne."

-- Local Council January 16, 1860

"Mishawaka -- one of the towns which has best conserved its spirit of bigotry and hatred of all things Catholic." Sorin Chronicles

"In 1861 the Rt. Rev. Bishop Luers laid the corner stone of the Missionaries' Home -- The main building is now completed and temporarily occupied by the Novice Brothers of Holy Cross." Silver Jubilee, p. 42 (1869)

"Sorin decided to have a house of retreat here for aged or infirmed priests who will have contributed yearly a moderate sum. He reported on it to the Council of Cincinnati, 1861, May 15. Provincial Chapter decided a building should be made on August 12, 1862."

"Erection of a house of retreat for aged missionaries shall be proposed for approbation to the Mother House."

-- Local Council

"Sorin, at the request of many clergy of the Fort Wayne diocese offers a home for the aged and infirm priests with proper care and attention for a trifling sum of $5 --$20 a year, according to the age. Bishop Luers approves and recommends it. A special house to be provided." Catholic Telegraph, 28:39

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