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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The Missions have equally been making progress. Cincinnati has acquired a fine house for $8,000, which the establishment will pay for by degrees. St. Philomena's School has been taken again, so that 14 teaching Brothers reside there this year, each at the head of a large class of from 100 to 150 scholars."

-- Sorin Chronicles (1866)

"Holy Cross, Iowa, 1867: "Holy Cross is a recent foundation on the land of Mr. Murphy. Father Paul Gillen has just built a house for his colony. Will bear fruit."

-- Sorin Chronicles (1867)

Baltimore, 1866: "Baltimore closed, No one expressing a desire to continue it, it remains closed." Sorin Chronicles (1866)

Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne to have a place for Congregation. four Brothers teach and do well."

Lafayette: "Four Brothers, School to be built at Pastor's expense. $25,000 on their land, provided they go without salary for 5 years."

-- Sorin Chronicles

Alton: "Four Brothers, and Springfield, Illinois, 2; Both hopeful. St. Patrick's South Bend, still in swaddling clothes. May come out of them some day."

-- Sorin Chronicles

New Dublin, South Bend: "Brother Raymond there." (18660

Departure for India: "Those who had assisted at the touching ceremony of departure can tell what holy and generous enthusiasm were depicted on the countenances of these young apostles. How faith ripens souls! Those young men, some 15, 16 and 20 years, who go to seek, 2,000 leagues from this country, not pleasures or fortunes, but privations, persecutions, and trials of all kinds! The holy Bishop had warned them of these trials. In reply they declared that was all they desired."

-- Etrennes (1842)

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