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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"We next visited the lavatories, or washrooms, on the same floor, meeting a most courteous reception from Brother Moses, the gentlemanly custodian of that department, which from his discriminating skill and indefatigable assiduity may well be called a flower bower exhaling delicious fragrance in the morning air."

-- Scholastic, by an old student April 28, 1881

"With great regret we record the death of an esteemed religious of the Congregation of Holy Cross, and one well known to the students of Notre Dame for upwards of 16 years, Brother Moses, who departed this life about 2 AM on Last Sunday after an illness of but ten hours duration. The deceased served his Community faithfully and well, and his death is a serious loss." Scholastic, 26:594(1893)

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