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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(Obediences of the forties) "Associated with the primitive bakeshops are the names of Brothers: Vincent, Joseph, Michael, Augustine, John the Evangelist. The first carpenters were Brothers Francis Xavier and Wiliam. Brother Patrick was in charge of the refectory. Brother Cyprian was in charge of the shoe shop; Brother Augustus, was in charge of the tailoir shop; Brother Benoit was the locksmith; Brother Joseph, the printer."

-- Brother Gilbert.

"Brother Gatian was a genius, an incomprehensible Frenchman! He was capable of doing anything and everything. He was at that early day the intellectual soul of the institution. Peace to his ashes!"

-- Golden Jubilee.


(Obediences for 1847) "Brother Cyprian will attend the stables; Bro. Mary (Francis Xavier) will be first carpenter and adjutant sacristan; particular sacristan of the Novitiate; Bro. Justin, shoemaker; Bro. Benedict, blacksmith; Bro. Vincent, Master of Studies and overseer (prefect); Bro. Gatian, under secretary and professor, and overseer (prefect) in promenades; Bro. Thomas, professor and 2nd overseer; Bro. Theodulus, cellarer and fruit-keeper; Bro. James, first gardener; Bro. John, assistant gardener; Bro. Dominic, assistant carpenter and attending the slaughter house; Bro. Mary, questor at the Novitiate; at least for awhile; Bro. Bernard, schoolmaster at Madison; Bro. Emmanual, at Fort Wayne; Bro. Joseph, steward and questor and excitator at Indianapolis, and also teacher; Bro. Louis, regulator and questor at the same place; Mr. Staples, refectorian there; Bro. Lewis, sacristan at the same place."

-- Provincial Archives.

"Bro. Augustus will be tailor; Bro. Vincent, assistant and singer; Bro. Michael, laundrymen; Bro. Francis de Sales, schoolmaster at Vincennes; Bro. Basil, director of the school at Ft. Wayne; Bro. Timothy will carry the meals to the workmen; Bro. Justin, to the Sisters; Bro. Theodulus will preside over the Brothers at the College, and Bro. Mary (F.X.) over those at the Novitiate." -- the preceding 'resolutions' were taken

-- Local Council. August 27, 1847.

"On the 19th of August, 1848, the Minor Chapter, met under the presidency of Reverend Father Superior, and at a majority of the voices, the functions and employments to be discharged by the Brothers were distributed as follows:

-- Local Council Minutes, 1848.

Brother Sylvester, shoemaker for St. Mary's; Bro. Stephen, Director of the Brothers at St. Mary's. Bro. Sebastian, assistant at St. Mary's; Bro. Stephen (Moor) assistant steward, secretary, director of apprentices, Treasurer; teacher at Brooklyn, 1848". -- (St. John's Parish, near Crown Point, Indiana. One Brother there in 1855)

"Brother Cornelius, assistant in lime yard; Brother Cyprian, student at Novitiate, 1859; Brother Caesarius, Pokagon College, 1852."

"Bro. Daniel (Noonan), Hamilton, Ohio, 1855."

See also under "Brother Hyacinth."

"Bro. Francis de Sales, Prefect of Discipline at N.D., 1865."

"Bro. De Sales' (Pierre M. Berel) will of April 2, 1849, 880 francs to Notre Dame, due his last St. Jean's rents, left him by his mother."

(Obediences, 1855) "Bro. Amadeus, postmaster; Bro. Bonaventure, bookkeeper; Bro. Benoit, prefect; Bro. Charles, assistant prefect; Bro. Cyprian, assistant prefect; Bro. Anthony, blacksmith; Bro. F. Xavier, carpenter, undertaker; Bro. Lawrence, farmer; Bro. Augustus, sing in the choir; Bro. Agathange, woodcutter; Bro. Paul the Hermit, sweeper of floors for a generation; Bro. Simon, to dig marl; Bro. Eugene, shoemaker; Bro. Timothy, dishwasher (for 20 years)".

(Form of Obedience, 1857; from Basil A. M. Moreau) "Thou shalt eat thy bread in the sweat of thy brow"-- Genesis 2. "Those who instruct others to justice shall shine as stars for all eternity."-- Daniel; E. Sorin, C.S.C.; Provincial. (Printed in Le Mans) "Brother Stephen, treasurer of St. Mary's of the lake, Chicago."

"Bro. Angelus to Columbus, Ohio, enjoining him to apply himself seriously to his studies, etc." Sorin. August 12, 1860.

"Bro. Romuald, student, enjoining him to advance as much as possible."

-- Sorin. August 12, 1860.

(Provincial Chapter; Obediences, 1865) Sorin elected Provincial. Granger Assistant Provincial; Master of Salvatorist Novices; Bro. Edward, Provincial Steward; Bro. Vincent, Provincial Councillor; Father P. Dillon, Local Superior at Notre Dame; Father Letourneau, Josephite Master of Novices; Bro. Francis de Sales, Prefect of Discipline, N.D.; Bro. Eugene, Director of Manual Labor School; Bro. Paulinus, Director of N.D. Farm. Was an extraordinary Provincial Chapter, (1865) with the Apostolic Delegate presiding in the person of Bishop Luers of Ft. Wayne.

"Brother Marcellinus assumes charge of the Junior Department at Notre Dame.

"An appointment that gives us personally much pleasure is that of Brother Ferdinand, who has been added to the efficient body of workmen in this (Scholastic) office. Brother Ferdinand is in the Stereotyping Department, and will be succeeded in his old employment by Brother Athanasius.

"Brother Alban, Norbert-Joseph, and Paul are appointed Prefects in their respective departments."

-- Scholastic, 7:6 1873.

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