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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Conrad was appointed Superior of St. Columba's School, Ottawa. New Foundation."

-- Provincial Chapter, 1891.

"Father Spillard was delegated to see Dean Keating, Ottawa, and to consult with him on the advisability of withdrawing our teachers from there, as two members had left from that school in June and the absence of its superior from Notre Dame, on a presumably doubtful permission, made the filling of its staff very difficult"

-- Provincial Chapter, 1896.

"Later a telegram from Brother Marcellinus announced that the school was to be retained."

-- Provincial Chapter, 1896.

(St. Columba's school, Ottawa, Illinois. "Chronicles, 1895".) school erected in 1891 Cost, $22,000. opened September 6, 1892, with 150 pupils in attendance. Number in 1895, 140.

Teachers, 1892-3: Bros. Elias (Superior), Hilary, Malachy, Anicetus.

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